Do you think the suns will bet the spurs without suspended amerie .S and Boris diaw foe wensedays game?

i think the spurs will win. the suns are diffrent without them.


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Yea, Im a Suns fan and I dont think they will win. They lost a power house in the key, and they lost a foward as well. All I hope is that Suns can get a win in Game 6 and 7. And get Bowen ejected PLEASE.

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yes i think SUNS is going to win the spurs no doubt =D at least there is still STEVE NASH! and they're going to have homecourt advantage...

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No, I love the suns and all but they could hardly do anything without Amare and it took them time to readjust and now that he is suspended they'll need another aggressive man inside. But with Diaw out too they'll struggle for sure in this next game.

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theyll win the series, and prolly the game too. they have a deep bench that will step it up with two key players missing.

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The series is tied 2-2 and Diaw and Stoudemire are suspended 2 games. The only thing Phoenix has going for them is that they are going home. They still don't have anyone to stop Duncan and now their low post presence is gone for the next two games. Can you say "Over?" 4-2 Spurs!

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they'll win with steve nash the assist man

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Of course they wont BET them, they dont have their best players...

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All indications point to the Suns losing. However, if they can get really fired up and come out with a lot of energy, they might be able to grind out a win. Nash will have to have an incredible game, as will Marion and Barbosa. The role players are going to have to step up big. In the end though, the lack of a true inside presence will doom the Suns in the next game.

Do you think the suns will bet the spurs without suspended amerie .S and Boris diaw foe wensedays game?

While it is unlikely, they still have a chance. They need to shoot lights out, run run run, and get Duncan in foul trouble. Unfortunately, this year they don't have Tim Thomas to have the game of his life like last year when Raja was suspended against the Lakers, but who knows, maybe Marcus Banks or another member of the "fitness club" will have a turn at it.

Also, if there are any basketball gods out there, the suns will win because justice must be served.

Don't write off the suns just yet.

P.S. A message for "Jason G" Amare and Boris are only out one game, Horry is out for two... get your facts straight

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I think the Spurs aren't going to be prepared for what hit them. The Suns will win and the refs won't be able to save the Spurs

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Amare is an important part of their team. But they are still a good team without him. They won over fifty games last year and made the conference finals without Amare. Nash and Marion will tear it up tomorrow, Barbosa and Bell are also going to step up and have huge games.

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Of course... the Suns are way too deep and have too much talent for the Spurs. Stoudemire been on bench in foul trouble most of the time anyway. Spurs are lucky series is tied. I think to this point Suns have not been playing even close to their ability and Spurs been playing beyond their ability and series is tied. That tells me that Suns are a much much better team... On a whole other level. Suns will prove just how good they are tomorrow when they destroy the Spurs without Stoudemire and Diaw.

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The Spurs will win, I think pretty easily and then come back and finish it off in game 6 back here in San Antonio

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all i have to say is thank you NBA for making the most interesting thing you had going in the season not interesting anymore by taking a team out of the playoffs no punches thrown no pushing nothing but players taking up for their player who was wrongfully fouled this is exactly why i stopped watching the NBA they will not let the players play

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even if suns had both them they would lose kuz they not a good team and they definitely not better then spurs team...

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