Anyone here want an upsets in playoff like Rockets, Knicks and Nuggets did in the 90s?

Question:Upsets, I don't want it if it involve my team, just look at Barkley Suns got trample by Rockets in the 90's, damn its heartbreaking, good preseason only to end up destroyed in playoff.

But for Mavericks get an upset by an 8th seeded team, it will be a great scenario for me but I'm praying that it won't happen to Suns this seasons.


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I would love for that to happen to the suns


Which team will u think that will win the NBA finals?

The Mavericks losing in the 1st round would be the 2nd best thing that could happen. The best thing would be if the Rockets went all the way after all the injuries they've had the past 2 seasons. That would be the Cinderella story of the year.

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Anybody that's Plays the Suns will Likely Upset them.

Who do u think that will win the nba playoffs?

I'm not a Mavs fan so I would love to see them upset in the 1st round. It would br one of the greatest upsets ever. No one would see it coming.

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Thanks for bringing up the ghosts of those playoff series against the rockets 2 years in a row, that still hurts. I think as balanced as the nba is especially in the west their isnt big upsets like there was back in the 90's.

So the rumors are true?

id love to see the spurs and the heat upset. as good as the spurs are, i just dont find them exciting to watch. but again, they are damn good. the heat, ive never liked shaq. and as much of a winner as he is...its obvious he takes off more than 1/2 the season and then when february comes around he gets back 'in shape'. not a good example for young, up and coming players.

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