What r the dimensions of a small basketball court?

This is for a design at a countyr club, they want less than a regulation NBA basketball court. Is their a standard "street" size of a court. Thanks


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Check this out:

Basically, I think the thing you want to do is keep the width of the court (from sideline to sideline) at 50 feet, to accomodate the college and pro 3 point arcs. If you want the court smaller, than cut down on the length of it. You could go with the 84-foot high school length or even shorter if you wish. I've played on some indoor courts where you take 3 or 4 big steps and you're already at the top of the key!

Keep the 50-foot width if possible, and just mess with the length to your (or their) liking.

Oh, and to answer your question, I don't think there is a "standard" street-size court. I've played playground ball in different places and have found a lot of different sized courts.

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just make it the same measurements then shrink it to fit the area you want. it can be up to you just dnt make it too narrow, there is nothing worse than playing on a court where the side three point lines are shorter or close to the same length as the free throw line. so take width over length. every day

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