A few of many blogs on cbssportsline.com. people who hate Kobe haters blogs?

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Once again the best all around player in the league will be denied the MVP award. His numbers over the past two seasons are remarkable and nobody has come close to matching them. I think it is a disgrace to name a player MVP just because he is on a more talented team than another individual. Kobe's #'s this year blow both Dirk's and Nash's out of the water. Furthermore, it should also be known that Nash and Dirk are horrible defenders. The MVP award SHOULD go to the best player in the game...and that is without a doubt #24.

Kobe cant help his team win, because he has no team!

Winning 42 games with all the injuries to key players that we've had this season is actually pretty remarkable, alot of that credit goes to Kobe. Kobe played without Lamar Odom, Luke Walton, Kwame Brown and Vladimir Radmonavic throughout the season, when they were healthy we we were playing .700 ball, his assits numbers were up and scoring was down, why so, because he didnt have


How will dirk recieve his mvp award now that his team did not make it to the 2nd round?

Kobe has deserved an MVP for years.
I love him, but the league essentially hates him.

Why does a basketball bounce if it doesnt have any springs in it?

nobody likes koby or the lakers.
its all about the pistons, baby!

What helped the warriors more vs the mavs? don nelson's knowledge of the mavs.. or the warriors style of play?

i dont know how 'they' reward the trophy to 'Dirk' as MVP refer to individual and by making into the playoffs with some much injury on the team while the other 2 player'nash/dirk' were in a healthy team...the most deserving player should be MR 81.thkQ!

Players at a free throw line?

Kobe doesnt blow Nash and Dirk out of the water. Nash a horrible defender? Please. Dirk is but Nash no.. seriously get your head out of Kobe Land. Even with Kobe Ball hogging it all the time, did they get pasted the first round? Nope. Kobe is a good player but he ball hogs way too much. Thats why I dont like watching Lakers anymore.

Doesn't Don Imus look like the Confederate President, Jefferson Davis?

League AND media hates Kobe.in fact he has hired a different PR team to help him change his image. once his image becomes more "bland and white". He'll be in better shape to win it.

Who had a more dominating nba playoff performance?2001 shaq or 1995 olajuwon?

i dont even even like kobe but...

If Kobe Bryant died tomorrow will the sun seize to shine?

no, kobes a balla

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