Am I the only one who think T-Mac makes horrible shots selection?



Is the Central Division the best Division in the NBA?

Sometimes I think he feels has to do everything. More specifically in this series when he wants to win so badly and he feels responsible for whether the team wins or loses, he's trying to make every shot.

Can Kobe have a "great" game tonight with a team that doesn't offer much support? It's like playing 1 on 5.

He thinks he is all that so he can make EVERYTHING. He needs to learn to "pass" there isn't a team in Tmac

BOSH over KG are they crazy!! or just stupid?

Yes. He makes amazing shots selection

What do you think about girls that are better and basketball than guys are?

trying hard to make freestyle plays

Did anyone see halftime of game 5 between Dallas and Golden State? Guy jumps off trampoline and falls backward

Hell yes he make horrible selection that why there going home tonight.

I play basketball and i want to be able to jump higher. What are exercises i can do with jumpsoles?

the thing is its t-mac, to the normal person its like why did you do that, but to him thats a normal shot he takes and hits

What should have been the All NBA first team?

yes, I think he shoots from the outside too much

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