After Shaq retired, Who will be the most dominent big man in the NBA?


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Yao Ming has already surpassed Shaq. Right now he is better than Shaq. I'm not saying that he is better than Shaq was in his prime. But at this point Yao is better and he is the most dominant big man.

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i think as it is right now, shaq is not the most dominant big man, but i think dwight howard has quite a future ahead of him, hes explosive, reasonbly good, and started off the same place shaq did

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Dwight Howard...

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Amare Stoudemire: He has the quickness, power, finishing ability at the hoop, and the newly developed mid-range jumpshot. With the way the NBA is heading toward the fast-paced style, Amare will dominate.

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i think shaq's age has caught up with him he hasnt been the same since leaving lakers and that summer he had knee surgery .that made him i believe that either yao ming or d.howard will be the next best big man in the nba.

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Dwight Howard.

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in the paint posting up i will say Greg Oden because he is the next best post up player. Ill say Horford from Florida. Both guys are explosive,strong,phsyciall player with NBA experience they can be a beast

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Dwight Howard.

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Greg Oden

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amare, shaq said it himself

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This isnt a easyt call at all but im going to say Yao Ming .

His game looks soft but hes a beast
25 PPG, 10+ Rebounds, 50+% FG%, Mid 80's FT% about 2 blocks a game ... Also its getting better every year ! ...Duncan a close 2nd . Stoudemire and Howard's hold both PF and C roles ... it all depends on the offense there team runs

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Shaq is already not the most dominant big man in the NBA. As for the future dominant man it is hard to say because of the undeveloped young talent. Amare, Dwight Howard, and Yao Ming are all young guys that can develop and already are into pretty dominant big men. I think Howard will become the most dominant rebounder, but Yao the most dominant scorer. Yao has a pretty good mid-range jump shot and his baby hook is lethal. If he can stay healthy he will be good as he was this year and better. Amare is good all around and don't forget about upcoming talent Greg Oden. As for defensively Marcus Camby definitely owns all the big men (league leading blocker and this years defensive player of the year).

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Shaq is not even the most dominant big man right now. So what are you talking about? There is noone in the league right now who could dominate like Shaq did when he was with the Lakers, but there are a few who might in the future.

Tim Duncan is clearly dominating the playoffs and so is Amare Stoudamire, both have the ability to score and rebound (Both averages about 20 pts and 10 boards a game). Tim is clearly in his prime and probably won't dominate as Shaq did while Amare feeds of the run and gun offense and barely plays behind the back basketball like most dominating big man of the NBA.

Yao Ming during the regular season averaged 25 points and 9 rebounds a game without a really good point guard, but he is also teamed with T-Mac who keeps the defense on him rather on Yao. Yao could really be dominant but he needs to be more physical and demand the ball.

Then we got Dwight Howard, who is coming to his own averaging 18 points and 12 rebound a game. He is a beast and he is also very young, give him a year or two and he will dominate. Greg Oden is being hailed as the next great big man coming from the college ranks, he could well be but till he proves it, my guess is still Dwight Howard.

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Dwight Howard and Boozer he will be mr double double at the powerforward position, this playoffs will push him into becoming a beast

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The moment Shaq retires (and a good amount of time before) Yao Ming will be the most dominant center. In a few years though it will probably be Dwight Howard. He has the rare mix of athleticism, quickness, power, and youth. His potential is unlimited.

Amare looks great but he is clearly not durable enough to be dominant. He missed a substantial amount of his 2nd season and virtually all of 05-06. He will only become more injury prone as he gets older. Durability is everything. It's the difference between Kobe Bryant and Tracy Mcgrady and it was the difference between Scottie Pippen and Grant Hill.

Chances are, none of these players will have nearly the level of dominance Shaq has had in his career. In Shaq's prime, he outweighed Dwight Howard by over a hundred pounds. It's no wonder he was so difficult to guard. In addition the game has shifted towards the backcourt. Nobody averages 20 rebounds a game anymore and centers rarely score over 20.

Still, if you can pick any center for the future I'd choose Dwight Howard. Of course this might all change if Greg Oden learns to play offense.

PS. If your question includes power forwards the answer is Tim Duncan.

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Dwight Howard, once he learns to play offense efficiently, he will be unstoppable. Amare is great but, not a big force on defense and I don't think he has the passion to play defense. Yao is not dominant.

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