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Question:All right, I have a good handle with the ball and all, but sometimes like when I'm dribbling I lose it sometimes, but like I have a great handle but I like lose it sometimes.

Does this happen to you?

What is a way to be able to handle the ball without losing it because when that happens people look at you like you have no handle at all?


How Do You Say No?

keep Your hand and, the ball, closer to the court with, shorter dribbling.

Whats better?

just practice, i was like that till i practiced a lot, if u gonna do crossovers, do em fast, try ball handling everytime u have the ball to warm up, dribble more with ur weak hand for example, rebound very low and put ur body into a position were u feel very comfortable, protect the ball, if u gonna go to the basket, go fast, just don;t look at the ball and practice, simple stuff...

Awwww...Coach Phil Jackson where is Zen and your bogus triangle?

that happens to me just a lil bit. well i am not sure wht u can do. i think like everyday go outside and start dribbling the ball and try to keep it in ur hands. u kno practice makes perfect.

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