Andrea Bargnani or Andrew Bogut?


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Bargnani is a better than Bogut in passing, driving to the basket, and shooting from the outside, Bogut would get better in time but never as good as Bargnani
Bogut is better than Bargnani at the post becasue he is stronger and better rebounder because he is stronger than Bargnani, given enough time, Bargnani will be at least as good as Bogut.

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i would say bargnani because he has range from deep and he can score inside.

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Andrea Bargnani.

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Bougut....Only becasue he speaks better english.

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andrea bargnani he can shoot the ball and he can bang inside

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at this time, Bogut, because he is getting better. Of course, he's injured and not playing, but I'll take Bogut---he blocks out, rebounds, passes, shoots, and is usually in the right position. He makes his teammates better. That's what it's all about

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Right now I would choose Bogut, because he is more grown into his position on his team and in the NBA, but for the future I would have to say bargnani. This kid has major skills, and has the potential to become an all star.

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Bargnani, for sure. His ceiling is so high. He will be like Dirk or maybe even better.

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I'll take Andrea any day. an amazing shooter and can go inside. Bogut is just a guy with lots of attitude nothin more.

What do you think?


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