Aau basketball.? s?

oh i dont understand aau...im on da team..but like how is it played out...im on da new england team...and like my friend told it its like a tournament...i dont treallly understand...soo for some who can answer it..answer it please..and tell me how it goes...


Fouling out in a game?

hey i play aau so heres wat happens
u r on the team in some league it could be some low league or some really high league.
you have to win the league then the state and the aau tournoment to go to the finals
theres NO aau league theres just a bunch of random leagues with aau teams on it
i hope i helped


AAU is like an organization for youth basketball. I played all my life with some of the best teams. It is pretty much for everyone. If you are in the competitive high-end part of AAU it can be a great experience and a way to get your name out there while your young.

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surfs up thanks for your answer that helps me a lot

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