"Nice effort Women of Rutgers, maybe next year" Don Imus. WHY DID HE MISS THIS STATEMENT?

You encourage an effort to succeed, and not trash it! If you broadcasting from NEW JERSEY, one does not insult a local team effort at a championship! Only> IMUS THE IDIOT< does that, why!


How good will Kevin Durant be in the NBA?

Because.....he's an idiot. And racist and sexist.

Jason kidd is averaging a triple double in the playoffs where the love?

he is races,but it to make some black people look prejudice too.

Aright...Nash lost in the MVP race.but alteast he'll win Finals MVP if all goes well!!?

Because IMUS wasn't focused on trying to help. he was focusing on something more sinister in nature. What he said was horrible. However, what Isiah Washington said about his co-star, in terms of his sexual preference, was totally disgusting. As you can see by my "yahoo character" I am an Afrian-American male. I am proud of my heritage. I am BLACK and Black is beautiful. I realzie that many times these types of things come out because they are indeed a part of us. You know you can only suppress the real you for so long. The "IMUS" spoke out. IMUS = Idiot Male Utilyzing Stupidity. His apology was more political in nature to me. Maybe he is really sorry, maybe not.

Everyone needs to be respectful to all people. It doesn't make it wrong just because it's a white person insulting a black person or a group of African American women. It's wrong even a Black person would have said it. If an African-American journalist woudl've said the same thing he should've been dismissed. You see for some us the rules change when the aggressor is African-American. The rules don't change. We need to respect all people at all times. IMUS spoke his mind. I don't care how much he apologizes. I'm glad he apologized but why wait 48 hours? I believe he spoke what he felt. Sometimes what's in the recesses of your mind does come out. Just ask Isiah Washington, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc. I don't see African-Americans as perfect. We all need to be more respectful to each other. PERIOD! It's not okay for a brotha to use the H word for a white person aroudn me. It's never OK to hear less than respectful remarks about anyone. Hopefully someone will read this and stop wasting time hating anyone for any reason.

Are there any NBA players without a tattoo?

Imus is a sports fan merely because he owes his existance to an all-sports station- WFAN didn't need to keep him when it started in 1988. At this point, he doesn't see himself as being a New York guy, he sees himself as a national figure, and apparently the country agrees with that in light of all of the attention this has received the last week.

In the context of the statement, it was part of a two minute sports update, which is usually the throw away section of his show. The picture of the game comes up and he and his producer, Bernie McGwirk who is the leading instigator, make the comments about the players. It is not in Imus's nature to act the way the news anchor on the channel 2 news does and say something like that, he'll either make a statement like the one he did, or say nothing at all. He's made similar comments about Serena Williams questioning her feminity, and has berated all sorts of athletes.

I would like to add one more thing- is there anything C. Vivian Stringer- the Rutgers coach- won't do for attention in light of this. I heard what the players said on Tuesday, but really, by now, if she didn't need the attention, this could have quieted down. While I don't care for Imus and don't care if he's fired, the Rutgers team certainly is not shying away from the attnetion it received. I wonder if ten years from now we'll remember than Tennessee actually won the game.

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