Anyone else disgusted with the NBA officiating for the Spurs/Suns Game 3? Namely, Ginobli?


Should the Lakers trade Kobe?

ME! Stupid refs!

Spiderman or Superman who would u be?

The calls are all going for the Spurs. This game is absolutely ridiculous, they should rename themselves to the San Antonio Cheaters. HA

Pls. tell me about micheal jordan and the team of rookies he's building?

Even though I hope the Suns win this game, I have to admit that the officiating is fair..I have not a single complaint with it..Oh boy, looks like many ppl don't know nothing about basketball on here, otherwise they wouldn't complain. Stop being biased everytime and be objective when you watch a basketball game.. Stop complaining everytime guys.

San Antonios win is tainted.?

Lets see the one guy who crys about it being a dirty game has sat almost all of the game on the bench for having 5 FOULS. nuff said

Better chance of making nba?

WTF is up with the refs? I must've seen about 4 fouls against the Spurs that weren't called. Now I'm a Suns fan and I dont THINK getting the calls would've changed the outcome of the game, but we'll never know

How many sets of teammates have recorded triple doubles in same game. and who are they?

I agree with the third guy. Also Phoenix should not have hit Ginobil's eye. He lit them up in the third quarter.

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