Who did Charles Barkley name as “the one player I’ll accept losing to if I have to lose”?


Who would make more impact on the other team? Kobe or Nash?

jordan of course.

Where can I find Nike "Zoom Uptempo Stutter Step" shoes?

Roger Clemens

Who is going to take place of chauncey billups when he leaves ...am i the only chauncey billups fan?

michael jordan the best there ever was

Who's your favorite NBA player?

I believe it was Michael Jordan.

Plus it would seem that early on MJ was one of the few people who understood Barkley's quirkiness thus making Barkley have a whole new respect for MJ.

How many out there have been glued to the NBA playoff games today?

Michael Jordan is the correct answer.........

Who else hopes the Spurs will * all over the Sun to a 4 game sweep?

Michael Jordan

Why is LeBron afraid of game winning situations?

Michael Jeffrey Jordan
Though he wouldn't admit it -- "I don't want to say any basketball player is better than I am," he said early in the series -- Barkley knows in his heart that his bald-headed homeboy, the guy he described as "the one player I'll accept losing to if I have to lose," is clearly the best man between the lines.


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