NY KNICKS: Are they ever going to BE ANY good..?


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Lets be honest, the Knicks have some really good talent. They could play a whole lot better than they are right now, but they've become a team of over-payed, under-acheiving, lets play, get our paycheck, and go home brats who, with the current nucleus they have right now, don't stand a chance of winning more than 30 games a season. Eddie Curry has a huge contract and doesn't play like a guy who's earning it! He was over-payed from the start, and I think he knows that so he doesn't play hard. Stephon & Stevie, I remember them playing on different teams with a passion and fire that in most games went unrivaled!! They gave fits to other teams defenses. What the hell happened?!! And Isaiah, who started this mess in the first place, should have been fired last year!! He's coaching again, and still no difference. The Knicks, collectively, have lost their competitive fire and getting it back is going to take some serious over-hauling. From the top-down!! First of all, Curry has got to step up his play. If he refuses to, waive him, cut him, do whatever it takes to get the toxicity out of this team and start getting some guys that want to win games instead of collecting paychecks. Use those guys on the bench. Some of them actually have talent!! If the Knicks are ever going to have a chance to win some games, they have to utilize the talent on their bench. Lets not forget also, that they should really consider restructuring contracts this off-season so they can make a push for a big free-agent. Someone who is going to help them win some ball games, and at the same time, inspire these players to get up off their butts and play defense like they were known to play!!!

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Yes, they are a large market team, so its only a matter of time. They have the money to make the moves.they already have Stephon Marbury, & Steve Francis...

Im surprised they suck so much currently

Whooooooop!! HOW 'BOUT THEM SPURS LAST NIGHT! Now that they've proven that they can beat the Suns...


they have had the highest payroll in like the last 3 years. they keep trading for big contracts and with the exception of David Lee they dont have one promising player

this years problem was the fact that they extended Thomas contract before the season ended. the knicks were looking decent until they took away that dangling carrot in front of them

as soon as their coach got his contract extended it took off the pressure(as many knick fans know the players love Thomas) off of the team which is human nature but they lost their drive.

maybe they will be better in 2010 but not in the next two years

Who would you take: run TMC from their prime days or Baron, Jrich, and any other warrior from today's roster?

Not as long as Isiah Thomas is there they won't. The reality is Thomas sucks as a GM and he's overrated as a coach. I think the only reason the Knicks did so well earlier in the season is because they and Thomas wanted to try to prove that it was Larry Brown's fault and not theirs that they didn't do well last year. Well now that Isiah has his extension and they have already won more games at this point then they did all last season they have become exactly what the Knicks are, a bad team. It was their fault they sucked last year. As a collective team the just don't fit and that is Isiah's fault. He put this team together without any thought of the team's identity or how the chemistry between all the players would be. And to think he wanted to be hired here in Detroit, thank goodness the owner choose Joe Dumars over him. Face it Knick fans as long as Isiah is there your team will never win.

How are Shaq and Pat Riley going to explain themselves Wednesday morning?

they will be in the thick of things next year...Isiah jus needs to make a blockbuster move this off-season like bringing J O'neal there then they would be set.

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