Anyone know the song in nba 2k7?

Question:You know when its loading and they show the starting lineups? Does anyone know what the song is called it sounds somethin like this
"say what say what im so sick wit so sick wit" kinda like that its such a good song anyone know what its called?


What the hell is up with the Nuggets?

No but i know the other song that goes "right now, give these man a hand, right now, let's show them what we planned, right now" that song is from Pussycat dolls right now. sorry i coudlnt' help

Do you think the Jazz or Spurs should use this video to pump up their crowd?

It's a crappy studio song that Visual Concepts paid some second rate rapper to write, produce, record, and cut in less then a week for the sole intent of putting it on their video game soundtrack. The lyrics talk about powering up your Xbox 360 and pushing buttons to make sick crossovers. It's hella cheesy. Shame on you for liking it. Shame.

Rent the game if you need to know what track it is - it's available from the options menu.

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