Am i the only one to think Candace Parker is hot?


Question for Warriors fans?

Hell Yes Candace Parker is a fine peice of mixed choclate. Daymmm, She looks better than any other female athlete, Serena, Shaprova is aLRIGHT.. But CANDAC E PARKER DAYMMMM.. WOOO SHE IS FINE!! lOOKS BETTER THAN ALL.

Will the Detroit Pistons lose this series?

omg dude i was thinking the same exact question.

I usually don't find blacks attractive but hot dam she is one sexy athlete I have to rank her up with jennie finch and Sharapova and Gulbis


Michael Jordan in High School?

Hell noooooooo!I think so tooo!wana join the club?

Candace Parker is sooooo fine!!I just drool watching her play =)

Playoffs were BORING!, the only interesting ones were Warriors vs Dallas, and Phoenix vs Lakers?

yeah she is hot.
Heather Zurich on Rutgers is kinda hot too when she has her hair down...

Do you agree if the pistons beat Chicago/Miami they are going 2 the finals? ?

You ain't by yourself! She's the sexiest female basketball player I've ever seen. All the other ones look like ducks with braids

Point Guard?

sheldon williams thinks she's pretty hot too.

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