Along with lack of black baseball about the lack of white basketball player in the league?

Since the 60th Anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking into the league, there has been a concern about lack of black athletes in the MLB, but what about the lack of white athletes in the NBA? I think these both are topics that should be addressed


Cavs all the way...against Phoenix?

What about the lack of black players in the NHL...Nascar, Tennis, NFL, NCAA Football Head Coaches, Owners of Major sport Franchises, Golf, Volleyball, and a whole bunch of other stuff that can't be explained.

Is GS really that good...or are the MAVS just playin REALLY bad...?

What are you thinking about. Theres alot of white people. You trying to make a comparision to black people in baseball. In baseball black players are decreasing but the white people is not decreasing in white. Maybe too much attention to Kobe,Tmac, AI,melo,,james,amare, and other great black athlete making seems like white players are decreasing. Stop trying to make an attempt to the decrease of black players in basball and make it seems like white players are decreasing in basketball.

Top ten mock draft for the nba!!!?

Blacks just want to complain. They act like they have the market cornered on prejudicel. What about short men, fat women, bald men, people who wear glasses, snaggle toothed people, disabled people, Hispanics, Jews, Asians, other religions, etc... I'm sick and tired of hearing them complain. I find they are more prejudiced than anyone. They don't like anyone except other blacks or white women. We have given them everything and they are still not happy because we can't give them what they want most-and that is to be white.

How is Kobe more popular then Shaq as a Laker?

Well there is a decent amount of white people in the NBA. What there is not alot is american white guys. Most of the white players in the NBA are from Europe.

Good team name?

I agree. NBA will try to put the best brand of basketball on the court. If that means more black ballers or more european ballers, that's what it'll be. The same case for MLB, NFL, NHL. These days, race is not an issue anymore. Corporate America, the bottom line, those are the deciding factors. I don't hear anyone complaining about the lack of Black representation in Winter Olympics.

Words with bball?

nobody really cares about the lack of white people in the NBA, because unlike jackie robinson and other black athletes, white people were given the best chance. then, after black people were being given more rights, more black people entered the NBA. they are WAY more athletic that whites, so they have a huge advantage over white people.

Why is Jordan considered the best ever.?

what? there are a lot white guys in the NBA. a white guy is gonna win MVP again for the 3rd year in a row. the number of white players in the NBA hasnt gone down over the years like blacks in MLB

Top 5 teams this year for college basketball?

Can't say for baseball. It seems that all good basketball players start early in childhood. Just look around your city. All public basketball courts are totally dominated by blacks. Also, whenever a black community starts acting up, the government jumps in and the first thing they do is build them a basketball court.

Is Chris Bosh playing tonight against the Sixers?

My God, why does everything have to be about freakin' race? What, do we have to have a certain number of blacks in baseball and a certain number of whites in the NBA?? So just exactly what should that number be?? Now that I think about it, there aren't many Norwiegens in basketball either, not too many Eskimos playing baseball nor are there many Japanese in football. What are we going to do about this travesty?? I say we cancel all major sporting events until a balanced roster of all races can be worked out for all sports. DID IT EVER OCCUR TO YOU NOT EVERYTHING IS A RACE ISSUE AND MAY JUST BE A TALENT ISSUE??

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