Anyone know if there are any open gyms (for basketball) in the Chicago Land area specifically the westside?

Like around north avenue and puliski. I know xsport has one but all my friends cant afford that membership


In the nba, what is it with all these players wearing the black like bandges, it looks awful, is it necessary?

I would suggest checking with the Chicago Park District's website. There you can check the parks closest to you and which ones have gyms.

Also, can help you find local activities in your favorite sport.

Additionally, even though it's not on the westside, there is a great outdoor court on the lake around Bryn Mawr avenue.

Have fun!

Do you think that KOBE BRYANT is going to hell?

broadway and thorndale. the armory

LA Clippers?

Then I don't know, especially because I don't live there .

Why do people keep hating on Tim Duncan?

there are few

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