Allen Iverson SUCKS!?

iverson didnt even make it in the ALL-NBA First Team, or ALL-NBA secound team NOT EVEN ALL NBA THIRD TEAM..i used to be his fan, now he plays like s*** and...hes just not the AI that everyone use to know.AI U SUK! does anyone think he can get better and go bak to the ai that scores more points, gets more assists? help his team to winning?anyone?


Is anyone going to the WNBA game this sunday at the qwest center?

ai is still adjusting with melo... they should be gelling soon... though ai is not the player he used to be given his new team... he is not the only star now...

ILL-INI!!!!! Illinois ILLINI Mascot SHOULD NOT DIE!!?

he definitely can get there, he has the ability, just not much support from the rest of the team

Why doesn't the NBA or the NCAA invest money where basketball originally start at?

The guys time had come and now is going going and gone. But i saw in the NBA history that when he was in the NCAA he gave honors to his school both in Soccer and Basketball.

Was kobe bryant the only basketball player to score 60+ in games back to back?

He is getting older. He stopped slaming the ball a few years ago. that has changed his game for the BETTER.

I think he's realizing that towards the end of his career he needs to be a better TEAM player. This should help him win a championship. Look, the guy brings it EVERY night. Don't call him a quitter or a "bad" player. He's still got it and brings it hard.

If he can change his game to a more "Nash-like" approach, he'll make EVERYONE around him better. The Nugs have a good lineup. they need to resign AI. I think that he's a F.A. now...don't quote me on that though...

The city where you would like to see an NBA team is.?

you are a stupid idiot. you should be banned from watching basketball ever again. when a.i is inducted in the hall fame remember this question.

Your down by one with three seconds on the clock. Who do you give the ball to?


Do you feel sorry for T-Mac?

u got a point, cuz him and Melo are two good leading scorers, and it will be hard for him to be the leading scorer

Does anyone know where I can find NBA information?

He has always been overratted in my opinion.

I need better court awareness. I play basketball and sometimes lose track of where the defense is located.?

Iverson doesn't need to get better because he's already great.He deserved to make at least the second team!But look Jason Kidd(Mr. Triple Double) didn't make 1,2,or 3 which is crazy.

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