Any chance of the trailblazers or the t wolves qualifying for the play offs next year?


Who is the better dunker. Kobe Bryant or Jason Richardson?

yes, yes there is!!

Whats worse. Being 2-0 and losing the NBA finals or winning 67 games and losing in the 1st round for the Mavs?

I highly doubt the T-Wolves will do anything at all. My guess is that Garnett will be dealt for some younger players and they'll make this years Celtics look like a dynasty.

What type of street basketball game do you like to play?

hell naw, Kevin Garnett wont be a T-wolve much longer

Help me with shooting?

T-Wolves, not a chance. Garnett is most likely to be traded for some younger talent and they'll have to start over from scratch. The Blazers have some potential, but their lineup is too young and inexperienced to have any shot at the playoffs knowing how tough and competitive the Western Conference is.

Do some Sun fans love Kobe and like Lakers?

i don't think so

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