Any males think they have really really ticklish feet? What size feet do you have?


Who do you think is more of a NBA legend, Kareem Abdul Jabbar or Michael Jordan?

yes .. size 13

Does anyone else think that Baron Davis cheap-shoted Fischer in Game 4?

yes i do have really ticklish girl thinks its gay
but she continues to do it
i think im weird
i wear a size 10... i wonder if thats big

Since you can see Bruce Bowen's wretchedly dirty plays on You-tube repeatedly, why do people still deny it?

My husband's were so ticklish, if I walked by while he was in recliner and moved my hand he would jump. My daughter is the same way.
He wore a size 9.
Why are you aking this question?

Who will win MVP: Dirk, Nash, Kobe(dont pick him), Kevin Garnett, King James, or Allen Iverson?

clever question

for me, getting tickled in the feet is a close second to getting kicked in the bojangles. vulnerability sucks! sz13

For GSW fans: How does it feel that after 12 years of sucking, how does it feel to beat the mavs by a fluke?

Uh..Why is this in the basketball section again?0_o

Can golden state schock the world and beat dallas?

I have 2 questions. Are you gay? And, what does this have to do w/ b-ball?

Who do you think will win the NBA Finals this year?

10-1/2 and Yes they are.

I highly dought u have but. has any1 heard of jon deibler out of upper sandusky?

From 8 to 9 depending on style, and 11 out of 10.

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