2007 NBA mock draft?

Question:Whats your prediction for the top ten players to go this year.
Also list which teams will have what pick. best guess anyway


You think the Spurs can attempt to win this game in good conscience?

oden to memphis
durant to boston
brandan wright to milwaukee
al horford to phoenix via trade from atl.
corey brewer to seattle
roy hibbert to chicago via trade from ny
julian wright to portland
noah to minnesota
mike conley to charlotte
al thornton to new oreleans

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Oden #1
Durant #2

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This is what I think will happen.

#1-Memphis......Greg Oden (They need a good center)

#2-Boston.......Ke... Durant (Him and Peirce would dominate together)

#3-Milwaukee...Branda... Wright (This team has the potential to make it far, but they need the players)

#4-Phoenix....Al Horford (They need height, and at 6'9 he is really tall)

#5-Seattle......Yi Jianlian (Again they need height, this guy is 7'0, could this be the next Yao Ming ??)

#6-Chicago......Jeff Green (Him and Big Ben down low can cause a big defensive threat)

#7-Portland....Cor... Brewer (Portland needs someone to look up to and build their franchise around, Although Zach Randolph is pretty solid he needs help, and Corey Brewer is an all around player)

#8-Minnesota...Roy Hibbert (With the rumors about KG leaving this could mean Roy will be the dominating force on Minn., but if KG stays this might be what Minn. needs to make it to the playoffs)

#9-Charlotte......Jul... Wright (This is still a developing team, and if Michael Jordan has a say in this team, which he does, then he knows this 6'8 Sophmore SF will dominate in the next level)

#10-Sacramento...Nicolas Batum (With Ron Artest rumored to leave, this 6'8 SG, thats right SG, from France could be a very important factor to the Kings success.

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1.grizzlies-greg oden(ohio state)
2.celtics-kevin durant(texas)
3.suns(hawks lose their pick to phoenix-brandon wright(unc)
4.trail blazers-al horford(florida)
5.bucks-ty law(texas a&m)
6.bobcats-jeff green(georgetown)
7.knicks- roy hibbert(georgetown)
8.seattle-julian wright(kansas)
9.philadelphia-nick young(usc)
10.indiana-brandon rush(kansas)

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Oden is number 1. thats the only player that matters in this draft

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