Air Jordan 11's (XI) shoes! =)?


^Yeah, has anybody ever had these or worn them? Where did you get them from (legit online shoe site please)? Do you guys think the design is nice?

Were these any problems with the shoes (quality, comfort, etc)?


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They are great for basketball. The feel is good, they are comfortable and they look good. But I don't think it would be a good idea to mess-up sneakers that cost you $400. REAL XI typically run for about $300-$800 depending on the quality and when they came out.

Legit Sites to buy them from would include
E-bay ( but you gotta watch out bcuz there are a lot a fakes on there.

Any site that would sell all there sneakers for a set price like all jordans $80 or $85 is without a doubt fake. Nobody that know what they are worth would be dumb or nice enough to sell them for that much. Also those sites typically have sneakers in all kinds of crazy colores like black/orange nd purple XIs hich were never released so be careful.

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they good for bball my friend has them he said he got them from ebay

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you can also try

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can u can find them for 70$ !

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u can get Air Jordan 11's (X!) for only $79.99 (thats pretty cheap for jordans) at
the shoes ther should be new. idk. but i am thinking bout gettin some Air Force 1s ther

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Well my friend bought them and is always rockin them. He says they are pretty comfortable. He has the all white ones and to me the do not look all that nice. Air force ones always do the job whether for style or for playing basketball. I guess you can get them at

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They are a great shoe, everyone loves them, they are classic. About purchasing them, I know I got mines from , but they are under construction at the moment they were for $90, and they have very good quality, you should check them out when they are done redoing their website.

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