Any college coach in looking for a power forward that is 6'5?

Any college coach in looking for a power forward that is 6'5 i can play and never play a collge game before.


Is it just me or does Greg Oden look like Lebron James when he turns 50 yrs. old?

Did you read about the recuit for Wichita State University that died the other day as the new coach was there at his high school to confirm he still wanted to go to WSU? (they just got a new coach)? He was shooting hoops and fell backwards and died. They are pretty sure it was a heart condition, but WSU's new coach was sitting up in the stands and saw the entire event occur!Crazy huh?
If you have skills, try out as a walk on at some colleges and see if you can make it that way.
Good luck to you!

Can the Suns sustain their run and gun game with no D through 100+ games to win a championship?

I'm sure a lot of colleges are looking for players who can't even use spellcheck.

Mr2 is PROUD of HIS decision in life . . . but can't spell decision, awwwwwww everybody.

Question about the teams?

i'm no b-ball coach
but if you are in florida you an come work for me at my company and learn a trade that you will be able to use and support your family the rest of your life

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