1. How many 18 or 19 year olds have been drafted by the NBA in the last 10 years? 2. Who have won rings?

I know that Tony Parker and Kobe Bryant have won Championship rings. Have any others who were 18/19 years old when they entered the NBA won rings?


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1. I'm not too sure on how many there are so here is a short list of the ones I know for sure. Below are the names, ages, year they entered the NBA, and the teams they are currently with.

Jonathan Bender~18~1999~Indiana Pacers (forced into retirement due to chronic knee pain, yet to sign retirement papers)

Kwame Brown~19~2001~Lakers

Kobe Bryant~17~1996~Lakers

Tyson Chandler~18~2001~New Orleans/Oklahoma City

Eddy Curry~18~2001~New York

DeSagana Diop~18~2001~Mavs

Monta Ellis~19~2005~Warriors

Kevin Garnett~19~1995~Minnesota

Gerald Green~19~2005~Boston Celts

Al Harrington~18~1998~Warriors

Dwight Howard~18~2004~Orlando Magic

LeBron James~18~2003~Cavs

Al Jefferson~19~2004~Boston Celts

James Lang~19~2003~Hornets (sidelined by back injuries, and didn't show the potential of being put on an "active roster)

Shaun Livingston~18~2004~Clippers (may be out 8-12 months after suffering a severe knee injury)

Tracy McGrady~18~1997~Houston Rockets

Darko Miličić~18~2003~Orlando Magic

Darius Miles~18~2000~Trail Blazers

Jermaine O'Neal~17~1996~Pacers

Tony Parker~19~2001~Spurs

Kendrick Perkins~18~2003~Boston Celts

Josh Smith~18~2004~ATL Hawks

J.R. Smith~18~2004~D-Town Nuggets

Leon Smith~18~1999~Supersonics (signed by them, but only played one game)

DeShawn Stevenson~19~2000~Washington Wizards

Amare Stoudemire~19~2002~Phoenix Suns

Robert Swift~18~2004~Supersonics (out for this season, torn ACL)

Sebastian Telfair~19~2004~Boston Celts

Martell Webster~19~2005~Portland

Dorell Wright~18~2004~Miami Heat

Korleone Young~19~1998~ Philly (played summer league for the 76ers, but never made another NBA roster)

2. Championships~ As far as I know

Kobe Bryant
Tony Parker
Dorell Wright
Darko Miličić

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kobe and tony are the only ones. these are some that havent- garnett, lebron, jermaine oneal, mcgrady, al harrington, rashard lewis, darius miles, kwame brown, amare stoudemire, dwight howard, tyson chandler and eddie curry.
alot of these other guys have great potential to one day wear a ring. but until then this is what you got.

good question.

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I think Darko Milicic is in that number. I believe he was 19 when he was drafted and won a ring with the Pistons in 2004. Darko was drafted in 2003.

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lebron james entered the nba around that age but im not sure if he got a championship ring though

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