Anyone Else?

anyone else considering the Suns vs Spurs series the Nba Championship? i am


Who's the best player in nba basketball?

SPURS of course. I agree with youu.

Do the Blazers need Greg Oden or Kevin Durant more?

No the winner of the Cavs-Nets series will win the championship.

lol. hahaha.

Where can I get a customised (name-printing) basketball in Singapore?

its gonna be the winner of det-chi series vs the winner of the phx-sa series in the nba finals

Who will win the NBA champs?

Pistons vs Spurs...
Piston wins final

Do any of the warriors players have children?

Spurs vs Pistons
Spurs in 7 and it will come down to the final seconds

Who will be the nba champs?

If the Warriors get by Utah, they will be a tough out for both of those teams, i think.

How would you better utilize Vince Carter?

Yeah! Spurs vs Pistons. Spurs will win it 6 games.
Go Spurs Go!!

What does a team leader have to have?

No.the game that will be is the Suns vs the pistons...

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