Jazz vs Warriors?

This game starts in an hour and a half. Any last minute predictions, thoughts, or comments?


What do you think the Celtics have to do in the off season to have a chance at playoffs, even a ring next year

Jazz will probably lose. Most teams play very well in their first home game in a playoff series (with the exception of the Bulls)

Jazz will bounce back and win game 4 and then wrap things up in Utah in game 5.

Stephen Jackson will then go to the nearest strip club in the bay area and start a fight, run over someone with his car, and shoot a few bullets in the air.

Is the NBA's logo racist?

I like the Jazz and the Warriors, but if anyone can win at Golden State it won't be easy. They have some pretty insane fans! I'm pumped for this one.

Why do the NBA called their Champions as "NBA World Champions"? who originated it?

JAZZ baby !

Whos the unsung hero on your team?

my gf is a Warriors cheerleader, but the Jazz simply are too good. Jazz in 4. just don't tell my gf i wrote this.

What place is Clippers on your favorite NBA teams?

This has been a great series,the Jazz will probably take it,but it won't be easy for them.

Should Bruce Bowen be suspended?

Warriors are depending too much on their homecourt to lead them to victory. I'm going to say the Warriors are going to come out slow and trail the rest of the game. Jazz by 7.

Aren't you happy NBA Kings fired coach Eric Musselman in their worst season ever?

Like Jazz but think Warriors pull it out at least 1 and not be sweep. The Jazz is good though. I think it will be like 4-1.

How can I improve on my basketball skills?

jazz gonna man loooose badly

This is for ybih8r sothe youngsters melo king james bosh did so great a coulpe years ago?

Im jumping on Warrior's band wagon!,..yes I am! Jazz are like the Lions in the NFL , they just are obsolete to me! Would love too see them prove their not a fluke! Get'em Warriors!!!

Who was better, Travis Best or Ron Jeremy?

I hope the Warriors get ran off their home floor

Lebron James and the CAVS against the Pistons?

GS win

What size is 44 in basketball jerseys and like 54 52 what are all those sizes?

warriors by 9 points!

Are the Knicks the biggest babies in the NBA, or what?

Tom V,


LOL dallas stinks. did you see mark cuban sitting there and what about mr my 1 ear is smaller than the other..

warriors will win these next 2 home games and also towards the end beat the jazz in the series and make more history once again.ppl underrate them too much

How Do You Say No?


Bulls-Pistons prediction for Game 1?


Show of hands... How many of say Suns fans are whiners?

ahahahahaha i love your icon strongbad and crew

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