Am I the only one who think my Warriors will come back and shock the world again?

Question:The game 1 lost made me sad, but it's a seven game series and I believe our Warriors can do it.



Is it really Believa-BULL?

All the haters were there before the Warriors owned the Mavs. They're still hating now. And after the Warriors beat the Jazz, they'll still be hating. So don't worry about them.

Just be the Warriors Fan that you are, and take comfort in knowing, despite being out-rebounded by 18, they only loss by 4. Neither team played poorly, and neither team played exceptionally well. There was no "freak of nature" it's not inconceivable that the ball will roll the other way next time and the Warriors end up winning by a couple points.

Bulls up 2-0 over the heat...who wins the series?


Why do some people say the spurs only have 2 rings?


Good evidence that Bowen is a cheap player?

Don Nelson should buy a copy of "An Idiots Guide to Rebounding" and distribute it to every one of his players

Baron davis beat dallas?wad do u think??u like baron davis?

Jazz will win! :)

Who is the cutest nba player?

You can only go so far on luck. Unless Nellie also coached the Jazz in his previous life.

Can Playing Basketball in college benefit me?

No one can stop the WARRIORS! because, well they are the Warriors. enough said.

When gilbert arenas bet 10 dollars to the fan, did he ever pay up?

jazz will definitely win this one, warriors had an advantage over the mavs because of there former mavs coach, he knew everything the mavs players does especially dirk. Now that he doesn't have that advantage the warriors are history, I know you don't want to hear this, they might win 1 or 2 games.

I have a d.wade rookie card i want to know how much it is worth?

Wow~~ -_- Did u juss say the Warriors can win? Puhahahahahahahaha.. sorrie~ but i couldn't stop myself... Wow...

Has the NBA seen the last of its great players?

No only you and all the other Warrior fans that magically appeared out of no where when the beat they Mavs.


No - I don't think so this time.

Nellie knew how to handle the Mav's

They are not adjusting well in this series

They made a good run this year, but I think they are done this series. Sorry

About basketball and Lebron?

The Jazz match-up much more favorably with the warriors than Dallas. Don Nelson clearly knew how to coach against his former players. While Golden State has a lot of talent they will struggle against the structure and discipline of the Utah Jazz. Carlos Boozer and Deron Williams are the new Malone and Stockton, with Giricek doing his best Hornacek impression. The Jazz could be in the finals after the Suns and Spurs get finished beating each other up. Golden State will make it interesting but lose out in the end to the polished and precise Jerry Sloan system.

Who do you think Yao Ming and T-Mac need next season?




Who do all basketball fans will win the nba championship?

This time it won't be so much of an upset... they are better than Utah. If Utah wins the series it really should be considered an upset. That was a heartbreaker though in game 1. GSW should've had that game.

Who do you think of nate robinson?


I say this quite frequently in the GS questions:
They were LUCKY to be paired against Dallas, had it been anyone else, they wouldn't have made it past the first series.

If Don Nelson himself got on the court to replace Baron.. could Dallas catch up?

no. golden state will come back and pound those unworthy jazz peoples!!!

I think its safe to say that?

phx_suns, no Tiny didn't just join the bandwagon of Warriors fans, I think she's been with that team since the beginning of time. But as for the Warriors winning, that's a funny joke! Just kidding tiny;)

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