Al Jefferson or Dwight Howard?

Question:Big Al is a basketball player. Howard is an athletic big man. Al has an exceptional offensive repetoire for a big man. That's hard to come by. He also plays with more passion than Howard. In my mind it isn't even close. In the future Al is going to greatly outshine Howard.

Bill Simmons agrees too. Quote:"Al Jefferson
Did you know that the best young low-post player in basketball right now is only 11 months older than Dwight Howard? It's true. Howard is a more powerful player than Jefferson, and he's definitely a better rebounder, but as we witnessed on Sunday night -- when Jefferson soundly outplayed him, by the way -- Big Al is a much more polished offensive player and needs to be double-teamed at all times. Howard's points come on fast breaks, finishes and putback dunks and that's it. I don't know who's better, but it's definitely up for debate. Check out their post-All Star break numbers:

• Jefferson: 19.9 points, 11.4 rebounds, 1.7 blocks, 56 percent shooting.


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Jefferson is the more skilled player. But I would still go with Howard in the long run because of his physicality. His size and power and footwork...Very impressive. I see him being the one who draws more double teams and gives team defenses fits in the future compared to Jefferson. No doubt that Jefferson is more polished and skilled though.

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I'd pick Dwight Howard as he is a real good player. Al Jefferson is a good player just he didn't have a good season this year.

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Until al can prove he can stay healthy for a season, it's a no-brainer. al is good but dwight is going to be great!

Spurs Fans?

jefferson is better offensively but howard is just a beast and al cant stay healthy. dwight is a much better rebounder, the only thing dwight needs to work on are his FTs and cutting down TOs due to 3 second violations. i would take dwight over al anyday of the week. dwight is a franchise type player.

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One thing that is worth noting is that Jefferson is nearing contract time. I have every confidence that Howard will continue to improve, based on his effort level. As for Jefferson, one has to wonder why he, all of the sudden, decided to play like an all-star.

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Jefferson is just a beast...but please get off of his nuts. Gone.

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dwight howard

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When Howard cuts down his turn overs and gets a consistent post move he'll be unstoppable. The kid has a huge future. Jefferson is a great young player who upped his game. But if the Celtics scored the #1 pick, I believe they would grab Oden. The Magic on the other hand would grab Durant. Just a thought.

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Al Jefferson has shown bigger improvements in play, so I'd go for him over Howard. Howard is bigger though, and is a monster athlete and a better defender. Al is the much better offensive player, and is not that far behind defensively.

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If the draft were done over in 2004, Al jefferson would be the first pick. Jefferson is a Basketball player, while Howard is just a big man with above average mobility,athleticism, and confidence.(as a result of being the first pick, member of the usa team, and a questionable all-star in the east; much like Jamaal McGloire was a few years back.) Howard's basketball skills are seemingly non-existent. He shoots nearly 70 percent because all he does is dunk, there is no mid-range shot and there is no post up game. On the other hand Jefferson's post up game maybe second to none, and he recently has added a foul line extended jumpshot.Hmmmm!
Some would say Howard is a better rebounder which is true, but Jefferson is no slouch averaging nearly 12 a game. So when you break it down Al is just an overall better player. After the magic get swept by the pistons, Howard should get out of the weight room( It looks like he's about to tip over, has a slight lower body aka sponge Bob!Ha) , get in the gym, and at least try to upgrade his skill set. Even if he does work on his game does it matter. As a wise man once said "As much as you try to fix, you are what you are when the ball is tipped."

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I feel Al Jefferson is better. After watching Dwight Howard in game 2 of playoffs against the Pistons I thought of this guy's skill set. Once he develops his offensive skills then we can talk about Mr Howard.

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Dwight Howard

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