Anyone here don agree that M.Jordan is the best basketball player of all time?

Give ur reasons and state who u think is better if u dont agree


Who is the oldest player in the nba?

bill russell was a winner in grade school, high school, college and the nba.maybe its because he belongs to the era long time past but these people who think of others as the greatest never bother to look up russell's winning accomplishments. ..and remember michael jordan did not win his first title until he was six years in the league and bird, magic and kareem were fading or away from the battles.11 rings in 13 nba campaigns says it all and he even played in 12 finals and most experts agree that the celtics would've won 10 championships in a row had russell not been hurt in his sophomore player ever has ever achieved 12 finals in 13 seasons and to say no one will ever again is a safe bet.being great should never be about personal records, flashy plays, or scoring many should be about winning and there is no bigger winner than the great Bill Russell

What exactly is home court advantage? and how does it help?

He was the best at his position.

How can i watch live nba games on the internet?

The only guard that is close is Magic Johnson. No player in the history of the game made his teammates better than Magic Johnson. He could have scored 30+ for a season like Jordon, however, he did a better job of getting his teammates involved.

What is wrong with this Yahoo! user Toolshed?

i think he is

Whose better. Jason Kidd in his prime years, or Nash present day?

Well, up until NOW- anyway. M.J. was "Mr. Basketball"-and I don't expect to see another like him- in my lifetime. He was a very "cool" guy- too. He didn't have to "act out" to get attention. He just let his "game" do the talking- and the fans just "listened in awe". He was something else. :)

The #1 teams ?

George Miken was better. They made the key 10-feet wide or whatever it is because of him; raised the basket to 12-feet for a while. And he quit when he was about thirty to spend more time with his three sons.

Don Hennon was better. He is third highest scorer in Pitt history, but only played three years. Averaged more than 7 points a game more than anybody else, and was 5' 8". Went to medical school instead of NBA.

I think lots of guys were better years ago, when you couldn't walk with the ball, couldn't foul, couldn't carry the ball, couldn't be a cherry picker (unless you had no class), wasn't impressed with layups (I mean guys shoot from point blank range and miss half of them...dah); they're very tall, but not basketball players.

Does anybody know where i can find a video of the post game newsconference of Spurs and Suns game from Sunday?

i still think jordan is the best of all time, as much as they compare lebron james to him (<---i don't like) james is nothing compared to him. jordan is always all over the court he is your go to man. besides noboday will ever lead that many teams to the finals. but everyone has their own opinions but i still say jordan is the best look his collection of shoes. no other basketball player can manage their own basketball schedule, design a shoe, and create a woman's and men's clothing line. How many times do you come across that amongst all basketball players? especially when he was on top of his career made the best shoes ever, and the sweetest clothing line you will find?? so you can compare jordan on court but look at the big picture and see who can do what jordan can..

For the people who played or play on a organized basketball team...?

Even though MJ is internationally-famous and he is Ronaldinho's idol, he's just second-best.

Oscar Robertson is the best. He averaged triple-double for three(?) straight seasons and got a career-total of 188(?) triple-double.

Does anyone have the codes for NBA Live 07 for differrent jerseys and All Star JErseys??

it depends on what u are basing it on...championships, no, cuz russell has more, stats? no, cuz oscar robertson is the only player to average a triple double. i say you cant call the best ever, cuz there is always different talent in the league, everyone else had someone to compete against and battle it out with, wilt had russell, bird had magic and so on. so i say there is no greatest of all time, just the greatest of their time...

Do u think that the Louisville Cardinal's sports program is one of the top ten? If not-why?

i don't. i think magic johnson is.

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