A "BET" about Kobe Bryant?

Question:I recently made a bet with my good friend. I bet him $100.00 that Kobe will NEVER win another championship as a starter.

I was going to be him $1,000 but I didn't want him to feel too bad after I take his money.

What do you think?


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Kobe will grow up some time. Whether he will retire as a Laker is unpredictable. And once he realized he isn't at that prime condition anymore, having trouble keeping up with them young legs, have trouble playing longer than 23 minutes, have problems breathing, his wife divorces him, and can't shoot straight anymore, he'll know that he's not as young anymore. He has to give up and start passing to them younger players. I'd give Kobe like 2-3 more years. He's going to be on the decline once he hits that 30 mark. He going to have to play against the Jordan Jr. generation sooner or later. People get old. Kobe isn't going to be an exception.

Basically, Kobe will probably join a team that has a good shot of winning like Karl Malone did when he join the Lakers. Whether they will be defeated by the likes of the Detroit Pistons again is unpredictable. Shaq went to an OK team in the East, second round exit by Indiana, and still won, that's how great Shaq was. We know Kobe can alter team dynamic negatively, I don't know whether an older Kobe can alter the team dynamic positively like Shaq did.


If KG ends up in LALA land it could be a very bad bet on your part.

Down with Cuban and Dirk! Who agrees with me?

When are u ever going to win this?? when kobe retires?
i donno... i guess its possible that he still could.

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Bet him $10,000. NOT! Bad bet bro.

Who won friday night's game between golden state and dallas?

not a good bet, because i think kobe would still have a very good chance to win another championship. sorry bro, you might lose.

Can Detroit keep up the same energy against the Spurs considering the series with Bull is obviously personal?

You'll win $100 in ten years. By then that moron will have lost so much $$ betting stupid stuff w/ other guys that you'll never see it.
U will win tho!!

Are NBA refs biased?

your gonna lose that bet

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I think!... The way inflation is rising...by the time Kobe retires..10 -15 yrs from now...if you win!...100$ will be about..ummm...

10$ ...your either really smart..or really stupid...I vote for the ..stupid!

to easy!

How badly did Dirk Nowitsky choke in Game 6?

What has Kobe done with out Shaq?,besides rape a woman! Not much! Talk to your friend,ask him if he would like too raise the bet even more! Kobe isn't winning sh@t no more! Your gonna have to wait a while to collect your money though!

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hmm he has three and he is not even 30 yet. I think in the next 3-7 years or sooner he will get another one

Who will give the Mavs a harder time on the playoffs?

I'll try to base my view in the most favorable light possible towards Kobe Bryant, therefore copying these retarded Laker fans.

Yes, of course he'll win a championship, all they need to do is

a) trade luke walton for Kevin Garnett
b) trade Smush Parker and a future second round pick for Jermaine Oneal
c) trade sasha vujacic and ronny turiaf for Jason Kidd
d) trade a twix bar for Vince Carter.
e) Somehow with this 500 million dollar payroll, pull an Isiah and sign Chauncey to the max.

That way, the lakers would have a lineup of Kidd, Billups, The Rapist, Garnett, and O'Neal, with Carter off the bench.

With this all hall of fame lineup, they should win a championship (BUT NOT GUARANTEED, look what happened last time when kobe somehow managed to screw up the Shaq/Malone/Payton hall-of-fame lineup)

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