Who did Charles Barkley name as “the one player I’ll accept losing to if I have to lose”?


Cavs or Nets? In how many games? And why?


Could anyone name some of MICHAEL JORDAN'S NBA league records that he holds (exspecially scoring)?

Michael Jordan

Does Stern love his spurs?

Hmmm... if only this question had already been asked several times today, then maybe I'd know the answer. Kwame Brown?

Basketball rules: is it legal for a player to intentionally throw a ball and bounce it off his opponent?

Michael Jordan

MICHAEL JORDAN Will the gentlemen of the jury rise and state their verdict? Magic Johnson: "When you talk about beautiful basketball, the way Mr. Naismith drew it up to be played, you're talking about Michael Jordan." Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: "F. Scott Fitzgerald said the rich are not like the rest of us. Well, Michael's athletic skills are not like the rest of us." Charles Barkley: "The one player I'll accept losing to if I have to lose." Shaquille O'Neal: "I'll tell my grandchildren I got to play against him." Phil Jackson: "He represented our personal flight of fantasy about what great things an individual can do." Dominique Wilkins: "Can't nobody have done better."

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