1989 univ of illinois basketball roster and jersey numbers?

i know k.gill (13),n.anderson(25),m.liberty(...


Can anyone PROVE that Kobe is the rapist? Does anyone have any SOLID PROOF? Was anyone there then?

Wow this was a tough one!!

#10 P.J. Bowman
#13 Kendall Gill
#20 Edward Manzke
#23 Larry Smith
#24 Ervin Small
#25 Nick Anderson
#30 Marcus Liberty
#33 Kenny Battle
#35 Stephen Bardo
#40 Mike MacDonald
#42 Mark Shapland
#45 Lowell Hamilton

Another Robert Parish follwer?

Stephen Bardo?

Lute Olsen (coach)

Lute Olsen's toupee (assistant coach)

Define Ron Artest in one sentence. Only one.?

Lou Henson was the coach.


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