Alando Tucker and the NBA Draft. When and Where?

What pick will Alando Tucker be in the 2007 NBA Draft and what team do you think will draft him?


If you could have a dream team?

tucker will go in the late first to early second round he was a good college player but he will not be an nba starter he is only 6'5" and played sf and pf in college he will def not play pf in the nba and will play teh small forward 6'5" is still small for an nba sf but will be a solid sixth man but he is not great at anything ok at everything great at nothing

I need answers?

top 5 or 10



I think because of Wisconsin's early exit out of the tournament, he will probably be a late first-rounder or early second round pick. He doesn't have a good jump shot and cannot hit free throws, plus he doesn't have a defined position that he will play.

Jazz = Modern age version of Spurs ?

first round not top 10 hell no come on he cant shoot that well

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