Anyone into college basketball?? need some hlep lol?

i need to know some about north carolina hawks. i want to say like bad things about them to this kid who is OBSESSED please help me out!! anything; like really bad loss or one of their players or SOMETHING


Ok its official. steve nash sucksssssss. tony parker is kicking their butt. cant none of these busters see?

First of all, the fact that he is obsessed with the North Carolina Hawks. Who are they? What have they done?? To tell you the truth, i've never even heard of them. Then again, it depends on who you go for. Hopefully its a better and bigger team, like the Tarheels or even Duke.

Can anybody tell me why Dirk Nowitski won the NBA MVP?

I used to be obsessed with the Rider basketball team because I was a student there and I could to every home game for free.The team was decent. You could tell the basketball scouts did not just go to a playground and pick a few kids that looked like they were good at basketball...

Being good at basketball is a nice talent to have because you can get a college degree for free and play basketball. At Rider you can anyway.

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