After another first round exit, Should the Houston Rockets trade Yao and TMac and overhaul the entire roster?

Try for a run and gun offense like Phoenix and Golden State have? Ditch the big man offense?


NBA playoffs//finals?

There are many philosophies to winning in the NBA... From the fast-paced game that Phoenix and Golden State are playing... to the defensive prowess that San Antonio and Detroit play. That's what makes the NBA great = the diversity of how teams play.

But the difference between good and bad is talent and execution. Does a team have the talent to compete? Do they execute properly? And does the talent fit the system?

I think Houston's big problem is number 1 = Not enough talent. They are so dependent on T-Mac and Yao for offense. If any one of them struggles or is not 100%, Houston's going to struggle. I like Yao as a player, but he's a poor rebounder... He collects his share of rebounds, but check out his offensive rebounds which I believe are more indicative of how good a rebounder you are. He's not in the top 50 in this category, getting "outrebounded" on the offensive boards by Caron Butler, Reggie Evans, and Chuck Hayes.

I like Shane Battier also... but he's not a good #3 scorer on your team. Houston needs a better bench- preferably younger and quicker. Basically Houston needs to spread more talent across the team, rather than concentrate on two players. Maybe that means trading either T-Mac or Yao, but I hope not...

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Yeah right please trade them to the Lakers for Odom, Walton and Smush Parker

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I would not say you should get rid of the center Yao, every great team has had a big man to hold it down when the others are not making shots. You do however need a lot of complementary people there. That team has nobody else to help just Yao and McGrady. Same thing that happened with the older Heat team this year, no supporting cast.

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They need a good play making point guard that can set up Tracy and Yao...and a new coach will also help...

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What are you, crazy? lol they should build all around them. get rid of everyone else, except them.

Do you think that that todays era of basketball is all about great team work & not the one man superstar show?

they should trade t-mac he is a choker but not Yao, he is still progressing and it will be foolish to trade probably the best center in the nba

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boo! hOOO! you a rocket fan? thye are biggest chokers in history! t-mac is now 0-6!! in playoffs! nothing they do works!~BUT TRADE YAO MING? ARE YOU INSANE? NO! he is just developing into the best center in game! they need a power forward who can rebound to help them! trae t-mac? ha! tis to laugha t foolish rocket fans who would do that! if you did, then count on missing the playoffs altogether for next 10 years , dummy!

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That would be a huge mistake. The playoffs aern't over, but remember it's defense that wins games in the playoffs. How is the run and gun offense working in the second round so far? They are both 0-1. The San Antonio/Phoenix series should show you the difference between run and gun and a defensive team. Lastly, do you know how hard it would be to make a trade for Yao and Tmac that would be even? You're talking about a HUGE part of the salary for Houston, who would accept that? Plenty of people but they would probably give them less then they are worth.

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No, at least not Yao.Quality centers like Yao are hard to come by in the NBA these days so you keep yao, find a quality PG SF and PF and you keep T-mac cause he is one of the best players today

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I think that you're getting a little carried away with what you want the team to do. If anything the the Rockets should try to get a better supporting cast for Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming.

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no way, build around them and then take over the league.

Where are you Heat fans?

I would say T-Mac is expendible and I wouldn't want to have an ego like his on the team...

but there are other issues that needs to be addressed... they need a better bench... a solid PF... they need someone who can come in and be effective when Yao or when T-Mac is taking a break...

I hate to say it is the coaches fault... but I think Van Gundy has done all he can with the team and they need to find someone to give the team new direction...

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