After the suns beat the spurs who are they going to face?

Spurs can lick my balls


If you where the los angeles lakers gm what realistical moves would you make to be a championship contender?

I'm happy to see such a faithful and enthusiastic Suns fan like you.

I, too, am a Suns fan. I would love to have that same enthusiasm you have but in fairness to San Antonio, they're a really difficult match-up. I wouldn't be surprised to see this series go into seven games.

If I may, I would like to rephrase your question. Instead of, "After the suns beat the spurs who are they going to face?"
let's just ask, "If the Suns win this series, who will they face?" Just to be sure. I do have a fair amount of confidence in Phoenix -- don't get me wrong.

Anyway, the winner of the Phx-Sas series will face either Baron Davis and his band of Warriors, or the music of Kirilenko and the Jazz.

Someone else who answered your question was, "the Warriors were heroes for one second" or something like that. I don't disagree. It all depends if their hype will win them the series or if their time in the limelight is over.

Don't worry, if Warriors beat Jazz, their playoff run will definitely be stopped by either San Antonio or Phoenix (hopefully, the latter).

Can't wait till the Finals.

Am I the only one who think my Warriors will come back and shock the world again?

Either the Jazz or Warriors...I'm picking the Jazz.

Proof that suns fans shouldn't whine because the spurs play 'dirty'?

They will face either the Jazz or Warriors. The Jazz are up 1-0 but I think and home the Warriors will win the series

I'm going to try out for my highschool freshman team.?

hold on there tiger, they need to beat the spurs first. With the series tied at 1-1-, you probably shouldn't get ahead of yourself.

Eeeeeeeewwwwwww is billups good?

They will be facing a tv screen watching the Spurs rip on the Warriors.

Steve Nash... I dont get it?

either jazz or warriors, I'm actually hoping the warriors, can u imagine the match up between the suns and warriors? it'd be the most high powered, high octane, wildly entertaining series of all time!

Warriors vs. Mavericks...who will win and in how many games?

if they win they are going to the Western Conference Finals. They will go on to play either the Warriors or Jazz. I think the Warriors. SO if in the finals Suns and Warrioirs play. whoever wins will go on the play the winner of the Eastern Conference Finals. Which will hopefully be the Detroit Pistons!

Does anyone else think the basketball season lasts WAAAAY too long?

U r funny, the spurs are going to devour those weak one man-show suns.

Rockets or Jazz ?

Utah Jazz. GSW is a hero for one second.

Who is going to win the Spurs-Suns Series?

After the SPURS beat the Suns, they'll face off with the Warriors. That's my prediction. The Spurs should beat the Suns in 6.

Will the Golden State beat the Jazz?

I hope the Warriors! But, no matter who they face they will WIN the WEST and the CHAMPIONSHIP!

If you were the Celtics, ...?

The winner of the Warriors vs. Jazz series
Oh and you can lick my balls OK?

Who is the best player in the best player in the NBA today?

Jazz whom they will beat followed by the Cavs to who they will lose.

What is the dumbest NBA team name?

After the Suns win, they will face either the Jazz or the Warriors. In my prediction the Jazz will lose in 6 or 7. The Warriors will every home game because their crowd is hostile. That's how they beat the Mavs. They will beat the Jazz 1 time in Utah. Then the Suns will go on to win it all!!!!

Is drew gooden related to doc gooden?

once the spurs beat the suns, they will beat Utah as well, and then get beaten by the Pistons in a 2005 Finals rematch.

Im going to ask this again..who do you think is the cutest nba player?

they are not going to beat them they do not have a good enough D to compete with the spurs in the stretch.

Kobe Bryant is the BEST... EVER! Agree or disagree?

are u sure that the suns will win the series? i'm voting for the spurs.. but to answer the question.. i think the goldenstate warriors will win the series because they are more faster and stronger than tha jazz.. just by looking at their players..

Spurs/suns would you foul or try to play good defense?

Suns won't beat the Spurs. Suns going fishing after the series. :-)

Best Point Guards Of ALL TIME? TOP 5? like it to be GS.. but that is just not going to happen..;(

Dallas vs. golden state?

if ever they win, i bet they would face the warriors.

still, i believe the spurs would win

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