Anyone interested in a dunk contest?

If we are trying to promote a basketball team, would a free dunk contest be a good way to bring in possible attendees? would it matter who the atheletes were? For instance, would there need to be someone famous there to help bring in a crowd, or will people show anyway? What other sort of things would you expect to see there? A band? A stomp group? Obviously free give-aways. Any suggestions? Any information would help. Thanks!


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Dunk contests are always interesting but you need to make sure atleast someone is good at it

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Well it would be nice if there was a star there but it's not completely necessary for what you want to accomplish. The best thing that I can is to make sure that there is plenty of excitement and that it's interesting. If you can have some kind of stunts such as using a trampoline and letting the dunkers try different types of dunks then that could be a lot of fun to watch. And if you can have plenty of entertainment such as say the school band performing some songs or whatever it is that they do and the cheerleaders performing some cheers leading up to the dunk contest then that helps as well as having free giveaways as well.

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