Am I working out right?

I play basketball, and I'm 5'11 and around 140 lbs. I'm pretty scrawny, and coach told me to give myself some upper body strength. So I've been lifting weights for my upper body, while also lifting weights with my lower body as well. After my work out, I bike 1 mile with some added resistance. I'm just concerened about losing speed if I gain too much weight via muscle. Am I working out properly? Should I change anything up?


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Don't bike for a mile after you're done a hard workout...

You just wanna do a nice cool down and that's all

If you do the workout in the morning it's ok to bike at night

But not right after...

Your muscles won't develop as much as they could be


Also, don't worry about losing speed..

If you have a small frame even, you can gain 20lbs of muscle...

and that will help you even become faster

but after that then it starts to slow you down

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No sounds good, but if your in football you should work on your 40 yard dash atleast twice a week, that way you wont get slow.

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Lifting weights won't slow your down, it will build up the fast twitch fibers in your muscles and make you faster

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