Who’s considered to be the “most-pierced, most-tattooed player” in NBA history?


Who's better, Kevin Durant or Greg Oden?

Obviously it was John Stockton.

Underneath those coochie shorts that man had like 100 tattoos and things pierced that you do not even want to think about.

I saw a expose about it on 20/20.

Please Answer Me?

dennis rodman

Do you think the Sixers have a chance in the playoffs next year?

Has to be Rodman...

Who would win in a 7 game series, The Nets or The Suns?

Allen Iverson?

Will the Rockets fire Jeff Van Gundy?

dennis rodman

Rasheed Wallace or Amare Stoudemire?

the one who married carmen electra!

Who here thinks?

My vote would have to go to...


That guy had the most tattoos and most piercings I have ever seen... and his ridiculous hair styles were just a plus...

Will Chris Wilcox ever win the slam dunk contest?

My guess would be Rodman as well... he was the best rebounder... but a huge freak.

Will the Detroit Pistons lose this series?

wouldn't that be Dennis Rodman?

Which is better micheal jordan or kobe bryant.?


Why all yall hatin' on Joakim Noah?

w/o a doubt dennis rodman

I am about to get moderated in school on basketball and i really need to work on my lay up shots. any tips?

Of course Dennis Rodman
just google him & see with your own eyes..HE IS THE Most-pierced & tattooed player in NBA history

Will the PC Friars men's basketball team make it to the tournament this year?

Easily Dennis Rodman, he had tatoos and piercings everywhere, and he had crazy hair.

How valuable is dirk nowitzki?

Dennis Rodman works for radio trivia!

If you can join any nba team which will you join?

It has to be Dennis Rodman with Iverson a close second. I don't know if Iverson has any piercings but he has a ton of tattoos.

Will Villanova Basketball be among the best in the country again in 2007-2008?

Larry Hughes

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