Who’s considered to be the “most-pierced, most-tattooed player” in NBA history?


Will the Hawks ever be a contender with Marvin Williams?


Do you think stoudemire and diaw should be suspended for leaving the bench in game 4 of the suns-spurs series?

Just a guess, but I would say Dennis Rodman. He's definitely the most pierced.

What's more impressive? to score 100 pts or to record a quaruple double??

Dennis Rodman.

Who is the most dangerous 3 point shooter in the NBA?

Gotta be Rodman

Nba Playoff results?

Wouldn't that be Dennis Rodman? I do have to say I miss seeing him play. He added that extra little bit of flair, it was fun to see what he was going to look like when he came out on the court.

Are there any exercises that will make you jump higher?

I would have to say the one that started this unfortuante fad: Dennis Rodman

Who's A better basketball player, shaq or nowitzki? First answer wins! Or if i lik sum1 elses they win!Hurry!

Dennis Rodman is the answer to the radio trivia

Define Gilbert Arenas in one sentence. Just one sentence.?

Dennis Rodman works for radio trivia!

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