2007 NBA champions? Also, does it really even matter?


Will golden state win tonight against the jazz?

Pheonix takes it all this year even though it really doesn't matter. Noone watches the NBA any more. All it is is a league to support fantasy basketball which isn't even that good a game.

Should players go from High School to the NBA?

has not happened yet, and it matters to me. i want my boys (Pistons) to win it all.

How good was Michael Jordan ?

Of course it matters. Are you even an NBA fan? If not, why are you on this forum.bad question man.


yes, it matters much bec. it is the essence of sports that the champion savors the triumph while the loser agonizes over the defeat & try once more next time

Why Doesn't Shaq give Yao the Respect He Deserves?

I want the Miami Heat to repeat and we can if we are healthy. I see the west winning it this year. It matters to all the real NBA fans who wins.

Does Anyone Know Any Basketball Info?

i hate to say this as a ride or die lakers fan but the mavs have got it this year. they are almost flawless. it matters if you are a true fan (which is short for fanatic) of the sport.

Stop the hating!?

if your wondering if it matters then why bother posting? and i see my Nets winning it all and become champions for first time

When Jordan was a rookie what were jerseys like?

Dallas Mavericks

On a Pick Up game, whether at Rutgers, NY or Venice Beach, CA, your 6 player, ALL TIME basketball team?

I want Houston to win but i am telling you right now the team with the best players will win which is the Phoenix suns !!!

Heat or Bulls?


Was it right to fire don imus for his comments about the rutgers basketball team?

Yas it matters its the suns

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