All Kobe Fans and Haters ?

Question:Sorry for bringing up this subject again for all of you that are sick of it like i am.
Lets start out saying i do not hate Kobe as a person, basketball player or what not. Kobe is a very talented person probably the most SKILLED basketball player in the league today. I think so many people hate Kobe because of all the Kobe fans, talkin about hes better then MJ. Kobe fans, i know yall like him but stop trying to convince us he is the best player ever. I am the Biggest Iverson fan you will ever meet but you don't see me on here everyday saying Iverson the best dribbler, best passer, best scorer. If he is people will see, and dont need you to tell everyone. Stop taking away what Jordan has done, he is probably the most famous person in the world, because of what he did. You cant go to any country and say Jordan and people like who is he, it just doesnt happen. In conclusion if you have a fav. player good for you stick with them, but stop trying to convince us that thr the best!


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very well said


minus Jordan being the most famous person in the world
-try saying Pele

other than that though...well done

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I love Kobe. I even asked why people don't like his 23 point, 13 assist game.

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Jordan is the all time best player,he got it done both offensively and defensively.Kobe might be the best offensive player but Jordan is the best all around player.

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You are wrong. I dislike Kobe as a person therefore I do not respect him as a player. MJ will always be the best. Look at the championships! How many does Kobe have?

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Kobe Bryant is the league's best SCORER. He is one of the best SCORERS ever. He is not a better PLAYER than Michael Jordan nor will he ever be. He's not the best player in the game right now to me. He's a close second to Dirk Nowitzki. And no, I don't say that just because I'm a Mavericks fan. I say that because there is no other player who is 7 feet tall, can score from the post like a center, rebound like a power forward, pass like a point guard and shoot jumpers like a shooting guard/small forward. He scores 25 points a night and grabs nearly 10 rebounds. He assists on four baskets a night, gets a steal and a block. All while shooting 50% from the field, 40% in threes and 90% at the line. No one else comes close to those numbers

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Dude you're thinking is messed up if you think Kobe isn't as good as Jordan. Remeber there was a Babe Ruth and then a Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron, etc!

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How is Kobe skilled? Skilled means does everything bro. Kobe just scorers and occasionally gets A high amount of assists since he is able to get to the basket easily. Kobe is A very skilled scorer but nothing else really. He deffinately aint on the level of Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, LeBron James, Lamar Odom, Chris Paul, Josh Smith, Gerald Wallace, Kevin Garnett, Diaw sometimes. Kobe is A great scorer but who wouldnt be if they shot 40-50 times A game? Kobes average at other stuff in the game.

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Kobe Bryant is one of the most electrifying and best scorers in the game. However to compare him to or even say that he's better then Michael Jordan is absolutely absurd. That only shows that some people aren't knowledgeable when it comes to basketball.

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I must admit that Kobe is one of the best players in the NBA and he probably will be in the hall of fame. On the other hand I have to question his character. He is so self centered and cocky that it distracts me from his performance on the court and that is why i don't like Kobe.

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No, they're wrong,Kuby is a tallented player
i like him,he's my best player

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What's your question? lol

Oh, and to the guy above me... wtf are you answering?

You think the Rutgers womens basketball team is taking advantage of the Imus incident big time?

Kobe's better then Jordan...Kobe's better then Jordan.

thanks yahoo...this is Fun!..I'm ignorant?..why because I believe Kobe is a better allaround player then MJ...I guess phil Jackson is Ignorant to!...because he even says Kobe is better...why would you want to call one of(if not)the greatest coaches ignorant!,,that's messed up!..oh well! Phil what you want...just make sure to Kiss the Ring's...

was again..I..I..mean once again ..
you prove you don't know sh!t about easy!

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I dislike Bryant for only one reason. He plays for the Lakers. If Bryant played for the Bulls, he'd be my favorite player without question. I also disliked Jamaal Wilkes, Kareem Jabbar, Magic Johnson and every other Laker for the same reason. I hate the Lakers, Celtics, Cubs, NY Yankees and Cowboys equally.(ok, I hate the Cubs the most) Any player that plays for any of these becomes my least favorite. I don't care how good or bad they are in a particular year. I hate these teams every year.(especially the Cubbies) I don't know any of them personally so it can't possibly be personal. I'm an african-american Muslim from the southside of Chicago, so Kirk Hinrich and I probably won't be kickin' it anytime soon. However, he's absolutely one of my favorite players because he plays for my favorite team. I know the Bulls aren't the best team with any superstars, but my favorite players or teams are only the best in my mind.

Go Bulls, White Sox, Bears.

Now, being objective and without overt biases.(everyone has some bias)

Michael Jordan is a far superior player to Kobe Bryant without question. It's silly to argue that. If one likes Bryant more, that's fine. I like Craig Hodges more than both of them, but he was fortunate to play as many years in the league as he did. Saying Hodges is better than either of the two is like saying Brad Miller is better than Shaquille O'Neal. It's ridiculous. Miller is decent for sure, but he's no Shaq. True, I like Jordan more than Bryant, but that's no basis for my statement of Jordan being better. Magic Johnson was better than both Jordan & Bryant and I don't believe in Magic. Michael Jordan is absolutely one of the 10 best players of all-time along with Magic, Larry Bird, Tim Duncan and Oscar Robertson, but he's not the best. Bryant is more like top 50 to 100 players, but not top 10.

I'm sure some of you will question Duncan, but if know the history of the NBA, you have to bare witness to the truth.(your favorite and mine's are what they are, but history is best qualified to reward our research)

Duncan is boring, plain, doesn't jump particularly high and shoots poorly at times from the free throw line,(so did Wilt Chamberlain & Bill Russell) but you can't argue with the credentials. Every team that has won 3 or more titles (Mpls Lakers, LA Lakers, Bulls, Celtics, Spurs)during their run in the history of the league has had a minimun of 2 surefire hall of famers playing in their prime during that title season, except the Spurs, with Duncan leading the way all 3 times. (You could say David Robinson was in his prime in '99 [he wasn't, but you can say it] but he certainly wasn't in '03 and didn't even play on the team in '05.) How many really believe Manu Ginobili or Tony Parker are certain hall of famers? They very well may one day, but they aren't certain hall of famers as of 2007.

Duncan is certainly the best player in the league today.(sorry Dirk, LeBron, Kobe, Nash and D-Wade[though, you may be real soon] but when either gets 3 Finals MVP awards along with a couple of regular season awards like Duncan, Magic or Jordan, I'll take that into consideration. The only current player one can say is better than Duncan is "SHAQ'. He does have one more ring than Duncan, along with 3 Finals MVPs like Duncan. However, Shaq(no longer in his prime, while Duncan still is) needs another regular season MVP to equal Duncan and we're talking individual accolades. Duncan will win anothr playoff MVP before Shaq wins a regular season award. Dirk will get a regular season MVP this year, so he along with Nash(2 regular season MVPs) and D-Wade(All-NBA and a playoff MVP) get some credit, though Wade gets a little more because he did it in the playoffs.(more important) However, please spare me the Kobe and LeBron talk. They don't have any REAL MVP's of any kind.(all-star games don't count. Hell, Glen Rice, Randy Smith & Ralph Sampson have all-star MVP's)

Truthfully, I don't care about the Spurs, Mavericks or Suns too much. If my team doesn't win, I'd prefer to see teams that haven't won before win. I'll enjoy seeing Phoenix or Dallas win this year, but neither will. Why? For the same two reasons no team other than the Heat, Lakers or Spurs( Detroit '04) have won a title since Jordan left the Bulls in '98.


Seven out of eight years, this has been the case. This year won't be much different. I'll even put it out here now...

The 2007 NBA Finals will be....

The Miami Heat vs. The San Antonio Spurs.


I really hope the Bulls shock everyone(me included) and win the title. I would enjoy saying..


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