Any NBA fans? I was at the Mavericks-Spurs game yesterday. we had nose bleed seats and I was curious about?

The double technical that Tim Duncan received. I could not see what he did. does anyone know why he recieved the first call and then the 2nd that got him ejected? Let me know if you do


How bout dem PHX suns?

The first technical was for arguing calls the ref had made.

The second technical was for laughing at a call the ref had made.

The current rules say that the players can be called for "showing up" the referee at any point during the game. That can be interpreted as many things, and I guess the ref took it personally that he was laughing so much.

The league reviewed it and agreed it was excessive, and now that referee, Joey Crawford, is suspended as well.

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laughing at the ref

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Well that ref Crawford gave him the first tech for so called complaining. Then when Tim Duncan laughed it off he gave him the 2nd one for laughing. I think it's bs personally.

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Smiling and laughing at the ref. the first was for complaining bout a foul

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laughed and the ref thought he was laughing at him or something

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