Any basketball shoes make u jump higher?if not can u tell me the best basketball shoe are? anything under $500

are there any shoes that will make u jump higher? if not please tell me the best shoes. any under 500 dollars?


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dude 500 bucks?
thats such a rip off
what a consumerist you are
give some money to kids in africa

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shoes arnt going to make you jump higher. Atleast not much. If you want to jump higher, just jump up and down a few times everyday. If you want good basketball shoes, try Nike Shox.

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Well there are certaing shoes for different positions. I'm sure you are some kind of guard like me. Last week I just bought the black Jordan XX2's and they have "pods" in them. They should help to get a little bit more air. When I take them off and put on another pair of shoes you can tell the difference in comfort and you can feel that you were walking on the pods. They are $190.00

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Anything under 500 dollars? LOL.

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If you buy shoes thats are 500 dollars then the people selling them to you are ripping you off. If you want to jump higher you can jump rope for 5 to 10 minutes a day or you can just jump up and down. Either way helps for the height of your jump. I dont know any shoes that will help you jump higher but usually it helps to have lightweight shoes.

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