Who’s considered to be the “most-pierced, most-tattooed player” in NBA history?


When the cavs get to the finals, they can thank the bulls?


Who was that ex-NBA player turned sports broadcaster who was tried for murder? What was the verdict?

i'm gonna go with dennis rodman!!

I am doing a power point on the 'history of basketball'?


Who is glad?

DUH, Rodman, thats not any close.

Who is your favorite basketball player?

Dennis Rodman, i suppose

How much does Lauren Jackson make is Korea?

Bernard King?

Is Jameer Nelson Black or White? And is Grant Hill Black or White?

Dennis "the Worm" Rodman(piercings)
Allen "the Answer" Iverson(tatoos)

Who would win in a one on on, a physically dominate or mentally dominant player?

Dennis Rodman is the answer to the radio trivia

No Rules In Basketball?!?

Dennis Rodman works for radio trivia!

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