What New York Knicks player was dubbed both “the braided one” and “Satan”?


Does anyone not from San Antonio like the Spurs?

my guess would be Latrell Sprewell

If you would rate these 3 men(Montross, Amaechi, Mclevaine) who would go first, second and third? And why?

spree back when he was with us...

NBA Best player ?

This is like the billionth time you've asked this question. Stop it! You're driving me nuts.

Is the Rutgers women's basketball team "nappy headed"?

Was it Iverson.I don't follow sports, unless its the Padres. I know the players on that team, but my guess is Iverson, many people don't like him for being a show boat, like Kobe is here in LA

Is there any way to train my hand to use 1 hand to shoot a basketball?

i really don't know but you should thank me.

How does the nba jersey size chart works!?

i dont know ,but whoever he is i hope he didn,t do anything to earn the satan reputation.

Lady vols not getting the pride out of winning the national championship?

latrell sprewell

What do you think of tyrus thomas?

Latrell Sprewell. He wore braids in his whole career. When he was a GS Warrior, he choked his then-head coach PJ Carlesimo during practice. The NBA actually expelled him from the league with this incident but he appealed and was suspended only for the rest of the season.

Who gonna win NBA championship?

Latrell Sprewell, he is the only player in history to ever choke his coach.

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