Anyone interested at what Stephen Jackson had to say about Barkley?

Question:From Janny Hu in Dallas.

Make sure you watch TNT tonight for the latest in Charles Barkley's mini-war with the Warriors/Bay Area. Stephen Jackson just raised the bar during shootaround this morning, and we mean RAISED. After a little brainstorming with Baron Davis and Matt Barnes, Jackson hammed it up for the cameras and delivered this beauty at the Chuckster, who stars with Dwyane Wade in the popular T-Mobile Fave Five commercials.

Says Jackson:

"D-Wade, I hope you're watching. The reason why you can't get in Chuck's five is because his five is full. I did some investigating, and I figured out ...

"You got five people in front of you: McDonald's, Dominos, Burger King, it was Subway, but he pushed them out for Cinnabon, and Krispy Kreme.

"So D-Wade, I mean, if you open a restaurant, maybe you can get in his top five. But until then, just keep shooting those commercials. Hopefully you can slide in there, but Chuck's a big eater."

Classic, classic stuff.


Cavs Sucks?

lmao about time someone shut up charles

2007 NBA Playoffs and Finals?

yao ming

What do the warriors have to do to win the first round series against the mavs?

Hahahaha this is, very funny...i wanna see what Charles Barkley has to say. Thanks for this.

Is the bay area really as crappy as charles says it is and isnt it funny that krispy kreme donut capital is?

Charles will probably laugh it off, then ask Stephen if he's shot up any strip clubs lately.

Does Chris Bosh's Neck look like a Giraffe?

Milt Palacio.

Who is the best player in the NBA that never was an All-Star?

charles could care less what a player like Jackson has to say about him...hed be lucky to have half the career Barkley had...or respected by many of the games best players ever like charles is... I dont agree with his rants and raves about the bay area or the warriors...but charles is charles...

The bulls are thinking of trading the pick or to do trades to get these two players.?

Really..I'll have to watch thursday to see what Charles says to this.

How did the warriors blow that??

I gotta get cable, I am missing the good stuff !

I dont get it im good in basketball and i have good skills but i dont know how to play the game of basketball?

barkley sucks!

Do you think the Warriors can win game 3 & 4 at home? Are Warriors are going to win 4 games straight?

Who cares about a Stephen Jackson. Charles Barkley is a basketball icon who paid his dues and made his mark. He has nothing to prove to some unknown, yet to be, wannabe athlete. The young pups need to liik up to the big dogs and stop the hate. Stop the challenges and negativity. There is enough room for everyone. The true test is their ability to perform on the court... not how many Ooooooooo's they can get when it comes to dissin.

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