(Dallas vs Spurs) Does the ref need to be fired ?

Question:Give me your feedback. In my opinion hes just another idiot ref on a power trip that was trying to provoke Tim Duncan. What Loser.

Hey Tim Duncan, I hope you are reading this because you suck and you will never measure up to Tim Duncan in anything. trust me bro.

Dont get your power trip. Cuz you aint got none! idiot!


I never heard of Manuate Bol before. have you?

yea the ref needs to be fired

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He doesnt need to be fired, but the NBA should discipline him. That wasn't called for.

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hell yes

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We might see a suspension after they review the game tape and interview the other refs from that game but I doubt he'll be fired.
That is, unless they have him saying "you wanna fight" on tape.

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they need a oil change and a few tune ups lmao

I extremely dislike the Laker fans with excuses?

Joey Crawford used to be one of the more respected refs in the NBA, but he's lost his way. I don't think they're going to fire him for ejecting a player (even though it was complete nonsense), but I DO think they should take him off the playoff roster for referees, since they must be completely impartial. Knowing how good the Spurs are, they have a good chance at making it to the conference semis or finals, and if Crawford is still around, they will petition to have him withdrawn anyway.

It reminded me of that ridiculous dive the ref took in the OJ Mayo incident http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkt4ydldx...

Who is better, Tim Duncan or David Robinson?

Am I reading this right? But Why are you saying that Tim Duncan will never measure up to Tim Duncan? Isn't that the SAME person? Or is the Ref's name Tim Duncan Too?

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Joey Crawford doesn't need to be fired because he's one of the most experienced referees in the NBA but for that ejection that occured yesterday, he needs to be fined or suspended because that second technical foul was un called for, Duncan could be laughing for whatever reason (even tho we're sure it was over that terrible call) but the referee can't assume and the game was close and he took San Antonio's best player away from them without a real reason to eject him.he should've handled the situation much differently

Do you think the Warriors got a chance against the Mavericks?

Heck Yeah what gives this guy the right to say to this professional "You Want To Fight?"


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