Anyone know any basketball shooting tips just to shoot more accurate and consistant?


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yea, look thru 1 eye and make sure ure not shakin at all

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-Square up to the basket (feet and shoulders should be facing the basket).
-Feet should be about shoulder-width.
-Let the ball rest on the pads of the fingers (not the palm and not the finger tips).
-Your elbow should be under the ball, not out to the side.
-Your off hand should be used to help hold the ball on your hand. DO NOT PUSH WITH YOUR OFF HAND.
-Bend your knees, and shoot up (not out).
-As your shooting, jump straight up or a tad forward, not backward.
-Follow through (flick your wrist). This puts the proper spin on the ball.

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spread your fingers across the ball as wide as you can. try to hold the ball with your forearm up in the vertical position as straight as possible and push the ball off with your fingers getting good rotation (backspin) on the ball, Start shooting in close first and move farther away as you get better accuracy.

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square up and shoot w/ one hand. but some of it is just if ur made to play or not. if u have the genes u do if u dont u dont but if u keep trying and putting in ur practice time u will get better. keep playing hard!!

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Practice your release

* Lay on the floor
* Practice your release of the ball towards the ceiling
* Make sure to control the height of which you throw it at
* Take what you get out of it to the court and practice being accurate :)
* Keep your release in control

Those are the exact tips my Uncle gave me and he played College Basketball! He could touch the top of the square!
These concepts sure do work :) Hope they help you out!

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