10 seconds left in the game the score is 99 t0 98.What NBA player do you want taking the shot?

For me it has to be Dwayne Wade.


How can I jump higher?

Past: MJ

Present: Kobe

Please explain why you think Kobe is the best BB player?

Pistol Pete Maravich

What drills are usually done in basketball tryouts?

steve nash aaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllll... the way

Who is Mikki Moore?

All-time: Michael Jordan.
Present: Kobe Bryant.

Why do men's basketball teams have lower graduation rates as opposed to women's basketball teams?

Agent 0...(Gillbert Arenas)

This is a weird question but...?

Gilbert Arenas if you are going for the lead. Yao Ming if you already have the lead.

How badly do the Warriors own the Mavericks?

kobe or the best shooter on the team

Why can't I dunk the ball?

I would choose MJ, but currently I would choose Kobe. The best shooters in the clutch (with high clutch shot %s) in history.

Should the spurs coach(pop) sit down Duncan and Bowen for going onto the floor in the 2nd quarter of game four


Duke vs. north carolina in basketball?

ben gordon

Piston fans?

Definitely Shaq Diesel baby

Will Kobe ever win an MVP award?

Present NBA Player: Steve Nash
Past NBA Player : Larry Bird
Future NBA Player: Acie Law IV

Does Spur's tony parker look like a little goblin?

Past - Larry Bird
Present (not injured) - Rashard Lewis
Present (curently injured) - Ray Allen

My shooter would probably take a 3-pointer (and have a good shot of making it), even though a 2 would be sufficient, but in case of a foul, my shooter would not be a liability at the line.

What will happen when kobe retires?

Defenitely Kobe Bryant because he has taken so many game winning shots and the important thing is he sank most of them.

Mavericks are the champions!! Mavs fans are you happy?

Three come to mind
1) Big shot Bob Horry
3) Brent Barry
It could be any number of guys past present cause there have been a lot thru the years, but this is more whom his/her team member would rather be taking the winning shot.

Is Ohio State and Florida the new Florida and Florida state?

Kobe Bryant. He has made so many cluch shots in his career that he knows what the pressure feels like. He is the NBA's scoring leader with just over 31 points a game and has had 4 50+ point games. He is definently the person I would want to take my shot.

Where do the nba dancers get their team clothing/outfits?

I'd have to pick kobe because his exp.but D-Wade is also up their wait till his 5th year in the nba

If Labron James had went to Ohio State and played for the Buckeyes would they have won the tournment this year

of course i would pick Dwyane Wade... even if he doesnt make the shot he will atleast draw the foul... he always connects and takes the win

Best Point Guards Of ALL TIME? TOP 5?

Agent 0. He is the best at buzzer beaters.

Will the suns of phoeNIX (((((NIX)))))) loser angles lakers ??

In today's game, I'd have to agree with you. 10 seconds is a lot of time; with DWade, not only do you have to guard him but his teammates AND you can't let him sneak in for an offensive rebound. Plus, if you foul him he's a great clutch free throw shooter.

Of all time it would be one of three players: Jerry West, Larry Bird or Charles Barkley. West and Bird always found a way to get their shot off. Barkley was much like DWade in that he could shoot or pass and you better be blocking him out or he was going to get the offensive rebound and beat you with the put-back. Plus all three were money in the clutch.

Do you think Kirk Hinrich intentionally hit Flip Murray below the belt?


Does anyone one else think they should sing german national anthem to honor dirk at mavs home games?

Reggie Miller.

Reggie. Reggie. Reggie

Knick fans and Bulls fans should remember Reggie Miller game winning shots.

Chicago Bulls and the 2007 NBA draft?

Kobe. but if he can't get open, let's just give it to Luke Walton.

I have 04/05 autograph fo the Phoenix Suns.. I need player ID?

i agree with you... i'll pick dwade too.. dwade makes better decisions in the court..

Who would be your all star team from the playoffs so far?

Kobe Bryant or Reggie Miller (past and present). D-wade is good too, but in clutch shots i trust the masters more.

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